Hundreds of Palestinians are already swarming the Gaza border as a second day of protests begins. Palestinians throughout the West Bank will be marking Nakba Day as the IDF prepares for more violence along Israel’s borders.

The Gaza border, yesterday

The Gaza border, yesterday Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

As of noon today (Tuesday), protesters have begun to gather in the Khan Unis region of the Gaza Strip. Thus far, compared with the tens of thousand of protesters who participated in yesterday’s riots, only a few hundred have turned up. While this may indicate that Hamas and the residents of Gaza are still reeling from yesterday, it is likely that things will heat up in the afternoon and the IDF remains alert.

In addition to the border with Gaza, Israeli security forces are anticipating protests at various locations throughout the West Bank to mark the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day. As reported earlier by JOL, Hezbollah, together with local Hamas delegations and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, also plan to protest today along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

Israel has instructed both Egypt and the Palestinian Authority to continue supplying fuel and food to the Gaza Strip until the Kerem Shalom crossing reopens tomorrow.

Thus far, though Israel and Hamas have been exchanging threats in the public eye, some reports say that they are speaking through back channels in an attempt to alleviate the tension.

Be that as it may, both sides are preparing for yet another day of bloodshed; Hamas has encouraged protesters to do whatever they can to infiltrate the border, including using suicide bombers to damage the fence. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, together with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other senior officials, held a security briefing late last night in anticipation of continued violence.