The mass protests in Gaza yesterday may have been just the beginning; with 58 protesters dead and thousands injured, Israel is gearing up for another day of violence as Lebanon joins the fray.

Gaza border, Monday

Gaza border, Monday Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Among Palestinians in Israel and abroad, today (Tuesday) marks Naqba Day. The IDF and Israel Police have reinforcements in place from Sunday in anticipation of rioting and a massive march planned by Hamas marking the 70th anniversary of the displacement of Palestinians following Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948

Now, in light of the high number of casualties from yesterday’s mass protests, Israeli security forces anticipate the participation of thousands of Palestinians in riots throughout the West Bank and an escalation of violence along the Gaza border. IDF soldiers have been instructed to shoot to eliminate if they feel threatened during the violent riots.

Hezbollah, local Hamas delegations and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon also plan to protest today along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

According to IDF Spokesperson Brigadier General Ronen Manelis, the degree of violence used by the protesters on Monday was “unprecedented.” Hamas has since made it clear that it intends to intensify the pressure on Israel and has vowed to send suicide bombers to the border fence with Gaza. The terror organization has also said that it plans to continue the protests beyond the Nakba Day events.

Hamas held a press conference Monday evening following the deadly clashes in which it vowed to retaliate soon. “The protests of our people have tempted the enemy to cause more bloodshed,” the terrorist group said, adding that its members “won’t wait long” before delivering a harsh response.