Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbollah has threatened Israel if they dare enter Lebanese territory.

Nasrallah warned Israel during a rally in Beirut commemorating the 3 year anniversary of Hezbollah member Mustafa Badr al-Dindeath’s death, “Israel wants a war? Let it go to war. The Israeli units and brigades that dare to enter southern Lebanon will be annihilated and destroyed on live television before the whole world,

Nasrallah also commented on Hezbollah’s ground forces, “our ground combat capabilities are strong, and Israel takes that into account. It’s scared of getting entangled in Gaza, even though Gaza is exposed on all sides, so would it dare to enter Lebanon?

The terrorist leader also blamed the woes and suffering of the Lebanese people on Israel and the United States.

“Our entire region is subject to American and Israeli plots and hegemony, the poverty and unemployment are caused by them,” he said

In addition, the leader of the terrorist movement said that his organization could reach “sensitive points in Israel” and could reach Haifa if they wanted to.

The last time  Hezbollah Nasrallah made a public statement was right after PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in the Israeli elections. On that occasion, he said that it shows how close the relationship between Israel and the United States really is.

“Netanyahu will likely form a new right-wing Zionist government and we are before a new stage of unprecedented cooperation between America and Israel represented in Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump,” he said.

Arrogantly the terrorist leader said “if we wanted to influence them, we could’ve done this,”