Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah responded to the IDF’s airstrike in Syria for the first time stating that Israel is using several excuses in order to operate within the country. He claimed that Israel’s true goal is to aid ISIS.

Nasrallah: Israel is aiding ISIS

Nasrallah: Israel is aiding ISIS Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In response to the IDF’s airstrike in Syria which was allegedly conducted in order to thwart an advanced missile convoy to Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist organization’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah accuses Israel of interfering in Syria while claiming that Israel’s true goal is to aid ISIS.

“Israel is using all kinds of excuses in order to interfere with what is happening in Syria,” stated Nasrallah during a speech. He said that these so-called excuses used in order to attack in Syria range from preventing a weapons convoy from reaching Hezbollah to stray rockets falling in the Golan Heights. Nasrallah claimed, however, that Israel’s “true goal is to support ISIS.”

Nasrallah also addressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s most recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Netanyahu traveled to Putin in Moscow because he fears ISIS’s defeat in Syria, meaning the defeat of the project that Israel supports,” said Nasrallah. “I call upon Islamic organizations to abandon enemy axes and join the axis of opposition. It is still possible.”