The new NBA champions Toronto Raptors have been called on by the anti-Israel organization Code Pink to not visit Israel.

Before the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship, the team’s Jewish owner Larry Tenenbaum promised that if his team won the championship, he would take them all to visit the Holy Land.

The organization Code Pink which has been very active in boycotting Israel released this statement saying, ”Traveling to Israel on such a trip would help cover up (sports-wash) Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people”.

”Rather than participating in a propaganda trip that will help Israel continue its policies of racism and oppression, we encourage you to travel to the West Bank and meet with Palestinians living under occupation”.

”As NBA Champions, you have the opportunity to use your success and influence to help end Isreal’s abuses of Palestinian human rights. Please support the Palestinian struggle for freedom and liberation by not traveling to Israel as part of a propaganda trip” the statement said.