A video broadcasted over the weekend on Polish television in which neo-Nazis are seen marking Adolf Hitler’s birthday has caused outrage within the country. During their ceremony, the neo-Nazis wore S.S. uniforms, burned swastikas and performed the Nazi salute. The Polish Attorney General condemned the actions and ordered to open a criminal investigation.

Footage of the neo-Nazis

Footage of the neo-Nazis Photo Credit: Screenshot from TVN24

Outrage swept throughout Poland this weekend after a video was broadcasted on local television in which neo-Nazis are seen participating in a disturbing ceremony, marking Adolf Hitler’s birthday. During the ceremony, the neo-Nazis performed the Nazi salute, burned a swastika and some were even wearing S.S. uniforms.

Following the video’s broadcast, the Polish Attorney General opened a criminal investigation into the matter for the distribution of fascist propaganda, which is punishable by up to two years in prison. The Polish Prime Minister condemned the actions displayed in the video, saying that they crush “our fathers and their fight for a just Poland free from hatred.”

The participants in the video are part of a group called Pride and Modernity, which is allegedly behind the protests in November that contained photographs of Polish lawmakers hanging from gallows.