Just a few hours before UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee votes on another controversial anti-Israel resolution, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out against the UN organization. “We don’t recognize UNESCO,” he said. “We believe in our truth, which is the truth.”

Netanyahu, today

Netanyahu, today Photo Credit: Channel 1/Channel 2 News

Last October, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee passed a resolution accusing Israel of violating the sanctity of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem. Today (Tuesday), as Israel celebrates its 69th Independence Day and the 50th year of the reunification of Jerusalem, the committee will vote on another controversial resolution that rejects the sovereignty of the State of Israel in Jerusalem.

“There’s no other nation in the world for which Jerusalem is as holy and important as it is for the Jewish people, even though a UNESCO discussion today will try to deny this simple truth,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the International Bible Contest in Jerusalem. “We don’t recognize UNESCO. We believe in our truth, which is the truth.”

The resolution, which was drafted and submitted by Palestinians, states that all of Israel’s actions in Jerusalem as the ruling authority are illegal and condemns Israel for not complying with the previous resolutions passed by the organization.

“Despite the recommendations of the UNESCO CEO and the promises and statements of various [world] leaders over the past year, UNESCO is repeating the ritual of an anti-Israeli political decision that undermines any move Israel makes in Jerusalem,” stated an Israeli official.