The considerably tense relationship between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Bennett has only worsened throughout the years, as the two continue to make accusations and harshly criticize one another, and then demand an apology from each other. Their latest conflict: The Israeli Cabinet.

Netanyahu and Bennett go head to head

Netanyahu and Bennett go head to head Channel 2 News

 It seems that tensions between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Bennett refuse to settle. Today (Sunday), the two continue making accusations regarding Bennett’s demand for change in the Cabinet and threatening that he will not vote with the coalition in appointing the Defense Minister. However, this is not the first relationship crisis between the two, but rather another landmark in their already taut relationship over the past few years. Channel 2 News collected the most noteworthy remarks and confrontations from the two politicians.

In 2007, Bennett served as Netanyahu’s head of staff and managed his primaries campaign for the head of Likud. Once he left his position, reports surfaced that Bennett left his position as a result of a problematic dispute with Sara Netanyahu. Some say that hostilities still linger even after Bennett was elected as head of HaBayit HaYehudi.

In January 2013 during an interview for a Channel 10 morning show, Bennett was asked if he could cooperate with Netanyahu, to which he responded that they could place their differences aside as they both served in the same IDF unit. When wittily asked if he was in the same unit with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s wife he replied, “Yes, I was with Sara mostly in the terror course.” Although Bennett later apologized for his humorous remarks, his relationship with the Prime Minister remained tense.

Bennett's tensions with the Prime Minister’s wife

Bennett’s tensions with the Prime Minister’s wife Flash 90/Channel 2 News

In the very same month, Israeli media outlets reported that the reason behind the tensions was because Bennett leaked sensitive information. According to reports, the Prime Minister and his wife lost their trust in Bennett after he revealed information about Netanyahu that led to a string of investigations against him, including the “Bibi Tours” affair.

The following summer (August 2014), Operation Protective Edge led to hard discrepancies between the Prime Minister and coalition members, including none other than Bennett. During a Cabinet meeting, Netanyahu reprimanded Bennett and demanded that he stop speaking against government policies in the operation in Gaza. Ministers present at the time of the meeting reported that it was an extremely heated disagreement with much yelling. Following reports of the reprimand, Bennett released a response statement, in which he claimed that his stance has not changed.

Bennett and Netanyahu during better times

Bennett and Netanyahu during better times Channel 2 News

Finally, in March 2016, the dispute between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Bennett turned into severe mutual accusations, regarding support for the soldier who was recorded shooting a neutralized terrorist in Hebron. During a government meeting, Netanyahu publicly confronted Bennett about a post in which he criticized those who were “attacking” the soldier. “I gave support to soldiers and I have led soldiers to battle more than you have,” said Netanyahu. “You will not preach to me. Do not make politics out of everything.”

“You are all confused between good and bad,” Bennett replied to Netanyahu.