After the controversial Regulation Law passed its first reading in the Knesset, an agreement was reached between Naftali Bennett’s Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Attorney General. According to the agreement, the Amona residents will be moved to different sections of the Amona hill where they will be allowed to stay for two years.


Amona Photo Credit: Noam Moskowitz/Flash 90

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced today (Monday) during his weekly political party meeting that he has reached an agreement with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit about Amona. According to Bennett, four plots of land will be designated for the Amona residents, who will be able to live there for about two years. The plots consist of dozens of acres in the Amona area but the plan requires the Israeli Supreme Court to postpone the upcoming evacuation.

“After countless efforts with the Israeli Prime Minister and Israeli Attorney General, we were able to formulate a plan of good property that hasn’t been claimed,” announced Bennett. “We achieved the goal we set for ourselves to keep Amona on the hill.” Bennett added that this plan is a good one because the community will have the potential of expanding in the future.

“Within the next few hours, we will meet with them [the Amona residents] and present to them the detailed plan,” continued Bennett. “I truly believe that they will agree to move to the new land on the Amona hill through peaceful means, allowing us to request from the Israeli Supreme Court a delay in order to carry out the plan.”

Bennett also called for the Amona residents to not violently resist the evacuation if it is not postponed: “Moreover, I want to clarify that it is completely forbidden under any circumstance and for any goal to use violence. I want to thank the Prime Minister and Attorney General for arriving [with us] at this achievement and the joint efforts.”

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