In a Monday press conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian counterpart Narendra Modi announced the signing of new cooperation accords and praised the warm relations between their two countries. Netanyahu describes his visit to India as heralding the “flourishing” of Israeli-Indian friendship.

Indian PM Modi greeting Netanyahu at the airport

Indian PM Modi greeting Netanyahu at the airport Photo Credit: Twitter

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi held a Monday press conference during which the leaders announced a series of deals signed for the cooperation between the two countries. Netanyahu said that the visit “heralds the flourishing” of the friendship between Israel and India.

The accords signed involve cooperation in the gas, oil, civil aviation, agriculture and medicine fields, among others. During the press conference Modi addressed Netanyahu warmly. “My good friend, welcome to India,” said the Indian prime minister in his opening statement.  “We will strengthen existing pillars of cooperation in areas that touch the lives of our peoples. These are agriculture, science and technology and security. We exchanged views on scaling up the Centers of Excellence that have been a main-stay of agricultural cooperation.”

Modi addressed the existing friendship between the nations during his speech and explained that the cooperation will continue well into the future. He also added that he will work to further enable Israeli investments in his country and will facilitate the access of Israelis to India.

Netanyahu praised Modi in his speech. “You are a revolutionary leader,” he said. “You have revolutionized India and catapulting this state to the future, your visit to Israel was groundbreaking as it was the first time an Indian leader visited.”

The Israeli Prime Minister also addressed the fact that anti-Semitism is a rare event in India and said the fact attested to the tolerance and democracy in the country. Jokingly, Netanyahu added: “My friend Narendra if anytime you want to do a Yoga class with me, you are welcome, though it will be a bit of stretch.”


Netanyahu and his wife Sara arrived in India on Sunday and were greeted by Modi at the airport. The six-day visit will seek to deepen ties between the countries.