Following the escalation in Jerusalem, Israel’s prime minister discreetly traveled to Amman to meet with the leader of Jordan, reported a newspaper in Kuwait. It was also reported that Netanyahu proposed new arrangements regarding the entry of tourists to the Muslim holy compound.

Netanyahu and Abdullah

Netanyahu and Abdullah Channel 2 News/Kobi Gidon

Secret meeting to stop the escalation? Kuwaiti newspaper “Al Jarida” reported a discreet meeting held between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan’s King Abdullah.  According to the report, the two met last Saturday in Amman, Jordan, to try and calm the situation in Jerusalem following the decision to close the Temple Mount to Muslims last week.

According to the report, Netanyahu said in the meeting that he was considering to prevent the entry of Jews to the Temple Mount. It was also alleged that the Prime Minister has stated that Israel will take new measures concerning the entry of tourists to the Temple Mount – but did not specified them. After meeting, King Abdullah spoke with Abbas and informed him the results of the meeting. 

Yesterday Abbas welcomed Netanyahu’s demand for calm in Jerusalem: “Today a statement was released on behalf of the Israeli government and the Israeli prime minister that there is a need for calm, and we support calm,” he said in his office in Ramallah. 

“In principle we support the calm. We do not want to escalate the situation further to make it impossible to deal with,” he added. The office of Mahmoud Abbas called Netanyahu’s announcement “a step in the right direction”, and stated that the Prime Minister recognized the right of the Muslims to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.