The Palestinian Islamic Jihad commented Monday on the tunnel explosion that claimed the lives of at least eight PIJ and Hamas members, stating that it may attack Israel in response. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained after the explosion: “Anyone who tries to harm us, we harm them.”

Explosion in Gaza, today

Explosion in Gaza, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza stated Monday that at least eight Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad members were killed and nine others were injured when Israel blew up a tunnel that extended into its territory. According to Palestinian media outlets, two senior PIJ members were among those who were killed. In addition, it was reported that the terror tunnel belonged to the PIJ.

“We will not hesitate to defend our land and our people…The Israeli explosion [constitutes] a dangerous escalation [of the situation] that was designed to disrupt our plans. We will examine all options including a response to this aggression,” a senior PIJ member stated, adding that the tunnels are a part of his organization’s deterrence strategy and that their destruction is a “clear declaration of war by Israel.”

Earlier today, JOL reported that the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced that a terror tunnel that was found in Israel close to the Gaza Strip border near Khan Yunis has been demolished. “Anyone who tries to harm us, we harm them,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated. “I said that we are developing technology to deal with the tunnels and today, we used it.”