In the history of Israel, never has there been a member of the LGBT community appointed to serve in a ministerial position. That has all changed after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had decided to appoint Amir Ohana to replace him Ayelet Shaked as interim Minister of Justice.

In the last elections, Shaked and the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett of the New Right Party, who failed to exceed the minimum electoral threshold to enter Parliament. As a byproduct of this, Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to form a majority coalition without the 5 seats of Avigdor Lieberman of the Israel Beytenu party. Lieberman refused to enter a coalition with Netanyahu unless the religious population gave into his demands of a stricter draft law.

Netanyahu fired Shaked and Nennet this past Sunday. According to unnamed sources, the Prime Minister’s decision was based on the fact that it was not right for them to continue serving in the interim government if the public rejected them.

Netanyahu had tried to assign the Ministry of Justice position to MK Zeev Elkin, also of the Likud party. However, Elkin refused to take up the post on an interim as he only wishes to take the post on a permanent basis after the results of the next elections scheduled for September 17th.