The Israeli State Prosecutor’s Office has published charges in the large-scale corruption scheme, known as Case 3000, that involved bribes to Israeli officials for soliciting multi-million-dollar state contracts on nuclear submarines with German company Thyssenkrupp, Sputnik News reported.

In November 2018, the police recommended prosecutors to indict several individuals close to Netanyahu over Case 3000 on various corruption-related charges, including suspicion of fraud, breach of trust, and conspiring to commit a crime.

The prosecution laid out bribery charges against former navy chief Eliezer Marom, former Netanyahu bureau chief David Sharan, former cabinet minister Eliezer Zandberg, and Thyssenkrupp representative in Israel Miki Ganor, the Times of Israel reported, citing a publication by the state attorney’s office.

According to the report, Netanyahu’s personal attorney and cousin, David Shimron, was charged with money laundering.

Former Deputy National Security Adviser Avriel Bar-Yosef, though recommended for indictment by the police, was not indicted, the newspaper added.

The charges now are pending a hearing in court.