Har Homa

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he has approved thousands of building permits for two Israeli neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem.

According to Netanyahu, Har Homa will receive 2,200 new housing units and Givat Hamatos will receive 4,000.

There are approximately 40,000 Israelis living in Har Homa, and the new housing units are expected to make room for roughly 10,000 more.

In the past, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refrained from expanding these neighborhoods because of international pressure opposing Israeli expansion in eastern Jerusalem.

“I established Har Homa when I was first prime minister in 1997, against the wishes of the entire world, and I am happy to see it expand,” Netanyahu said. “For years, governments opposed building there and in Givat Hamatos, and now we are building there.”

Under the plan 1,000 housing units will be built for Arab residents in the vicinity.

“Coexistence in peace in Jerusalem, a connected and built Jerusalem, we are connecting all the parts of the united Jerusalem, I removed the limits and here Jerusalem is built below us. They talk-We do,” Netanyahu said.