Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the protests against him and called out the ‘fake news’ industry of supporting the left-wing protests.


Netanyahu Photo credit: Channel 2 News

This evening (Wednesday), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a special event ahead of Rosh Hashanah. Approximately 2,000 Likud supporters joined the party’s ministers to support the prime minister and the party.

Netanyahu thanked his supporters for coming out. After presenting the Likud’s latest achievements, Netanyahu criticized the media for portraying Israel as a lonely country. “The vast majority of Israelis appreciate our achievements,” he said. “Despite how the media isn’t always eager to give us coverage…Everyone here sees the truth: the unfairness of the ‘fake news’ industry.”

Petah Tikva protesters

Petah Tikva protesters Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Later, Netanyahu condemned the latest incident in the Petah Tikva demonstration, in which a passerby attacked a religious man. The prime minister claimed that the media gives positive coverage to the left-wing protesters, whose sole aim is to indict him. “They do everything they can to hurt me and my wife,” Netanyahu continued. “Because they think that if they take me or her down, they will take us down- the Likud.”