Following the broadcasting corporation crisis which threatened the Israeli government’s integrity, Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog stated that the coalition is still in a fragile situation and that the option of establishing an alternative government still exists.

Is an alternative government still in the cards?

Is an alternative government still in the cards? Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90/Reuters

During a “Shabbatarbut” event in Be’er Sheva today (Saturday), MK Isaac Herzog stated that despite how it seems, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition has cracked and that the option of an alternative government, which has been formed over the past few weeks, still exists.

“I believe that this coalition’s internal reality is about to break,” Herzog said. “Impulses and tensions are enormous and there is a basic lack of trust in the prime minister.” Herzog also estimated that Israel will hold an election within the next year. “When Netanyahu was in China, an alternative coalition was formed. It began with the confrontation with Kahlon.”

In his speech, Herzog also addressed the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation compromise that Netanyahu and Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon reached, which brought an end to the political crisis that threatened the coalition’s integrity.