The Israeli government has successfully passed a bill through the Knesset on Monday which delays the deadline for the state budget by 120 days. If the bill had not passed, the country would have been forced to hold new elections – the fourth election in less than 2 years.

The coalition agreement signed earlier this year between Likud and Blue and White stipulates that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must give the control of the government to Benny Gantz in November 2021, or earlier, if the government collapses, with the exception of a failure to pass a budget, causing it to dissolve.

Blue and White have accused Netanyahu of intentionally avoiding adherence to the rotation arrangement by causing a budget crisis to prevent Gantz’s ascension to the premiership.

​Following the bill’s passage, Gantz warned that if the country goes again to elections “blood would spill in the streets” and that he will not “allow anyone to bring Israel to its knees”.