Israel will not be bound by a possible revival of the Iran nuclear agreement because the country should be able to defend itself against a potential aggressor, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday night in a speech at an official Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony.

“A deal with Iran that threatens us with annihilation will not obligate us,” he said, commenting on the ongoing talks in Vienna between the joint JCPOA commission and Iranian representatives.

According to Netanyahu, the nuclear agreement in its original form is worthless.

“I say to our closest friends too: ‘A deal with Iran that threatens us with annihilation will not obligate us.’ Only one thing will obligate us: to prevent those who wish to destroy us from carrying out their plans”, Netanyahu said.

The US recently expressed its intention to reconstruct the nuclear agreement abandoned by Washington in 2018. The US has demanded that Iran reverse some steps taken since then to improve its nuclear program, but Iran insists that the US should first remove all sanctions, reimposed after the nation’s withdrawal from the pact.

During the aforementioned remembrance ceremony, Netanyahu also slammed the International Criminal Court’s outrageous ruling to launch an investigation into potential Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians, saying the Jewish people have every right to defend themselves from their enemies.

On 8 April, countries across the globe mark Holocaust Remembrance Day to honor the memory of 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust and commemorate those times’ Jewish resistance movement.