Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the publication of the controversial recording of his wife Sara in a video on Monday morning. In his statement, Netanyahu condemned the media and the recorders of the tape and claimed the it was made public only because it concerned his family.

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu (archive)

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu (archive) Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

In response to the publication of a 2009 recording of his wife Sara, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the media and those involved in the incident in a video on his Facebook page on Monday morning. “You should be ashamed of yourselves,” said Netanyahu.

“The media publishes a nine-year-old tape, a secret recording,” the prime minister said in the video. “What is in the tape? Sara raising her voice in anger. I want to ask you, in the last nine years, did any of you raise their voice angrily, once? Twice? Many times? Maybe even the journalists, did they not do such a thing ever?”

Netanyahu claimed that the recording was made public solely due to the connection with his family. “If you would have given the media a recording of a different woman or a different family, the media would have said ‘leave it, we’re not publishing this, it’s private,’ but when it concerns my family, my wife, my children, everything is permissible.”

The prime minister accused the media of embracing the recorders of the current and past tapes of his family. “But they are not heroes,” Netanyahu emphasized. “They are doing the most despicable act. They misappropriate the trust they are given, they do it for profit or a warm embrace in the media, or both.”

“I told you more than once,” Netanyahu added. “You want to replace me? Contend with me at the ballot box.”

As previously reported by JOL, in a recording released by Walla! News on Sunday, Mrs. Netanyahu was heard losing her temper and angrily shouting at a senior advisor after her title as a psychologist was omitted in an article. The Netanyahu family have come to the spotlight numerous times during the prime minister’s years in office, with the controversial recording of son Yair, and various allegations against Mrs. Netanyahu, which Netanyahu dismissed.