Air raid sirens sounded across southern Israel for a second straight day.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned that the IDF may have no choice but to carry out a military operation in Gaza if Hamas and its affiliates don’t stop firing rockets.

“I am not hurrying into war. I know the price that our soldiers and the families of the fallen pay,” Netanyahu said Monday, his remarks quoted by The Jerusalem Post. But “we will do what it takes to bring back total security for the residents of the south,” he added.
“Woe to Hamas and Islamic Jihad when that day comes! It’s their choice,” Netanyahu warned.

Earlier Monday, speaking to Army Radio, the prime minister warned that a military operation in Gaza may be inevitable. “If you don’t shoot them, we will shoot you. I’m talking about a war. I only go to war as a last option, but we have prepared something you can’t even imagine,” he was quoted as saying. The interview was cut short as sirens went off in the country’s south for a second consecutive day.

This was the second time Netanyahu has given Hamas this kind of mysterious warning. Earlier this month, he warned that the IDF was preparing “a big surprise” for Gaza terrorists, saying it would be “the surprise of their lives,” and adding that it would “be different from anything that came before,” without elaborating.