Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved tighter measures on Israeli citizens to help combat the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

The new rules take effect on April 1st:

No gathering will be allowed, including for prayers and weddings, in the public sphere. One minyan (quorum) of ten men, at two meters’ distance from each other, will be allowed at the Western Wall for each prayer service. Funerals will be held in open areas only, with the participation of up to 20 people. Circumcisions will be held with the participation of up to ten people.

Before an employee reach his/her place of work, he/she will take their temperature and fill out a declaration to that effect and attesting to the absence of symptoms (temperature of over 38 degrees Celsius, cough, breathing difficulties). Employees will go to their place of work with a filled-out form for that day. For workers who are not employed at a place of business, the statement can be made orally.

At any workplace where it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters between employees, the employer will make other arrangements to prevent infection.

Each employee will be allocated with personal equipment on a permanent basis to the extent possible. Equipment used by more than one person will undergo strict disinfection before being passed from person to person.

Employees will be instructed to strictly maintain rules of hygiene, including handwashing.

Employees will be instructed that no more than two people at a time may use an elevator at a workplace.

Businesses for the repair of communications products and computers will be permitted to receive clients at the place of business pursuant to Health Ministry directives. Delivery services are permitted for all types of products pursuant to Health Ministry directives.

The owner of a shop in a retail market is permitted to open an online shop from which he/she can supply products by delivery service only, on condition that the market and the shop itself are closed to the public.

The Cabinet also decided that leaving one’s place of residence will be permitted for an individual or people who live in the same home, for a short period, and for a distance of up to 100 meters from the place of residence.