Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the Jewish state would not allow Iran and pro-Iranian armed groups to gain a foothold in Syria.

“We continue to oppose attempts by Iran and pro-Iranian armed groups to establish a military base in Syria. We will not compromise on this issue, just as we will not compromise with our enemies’ attempts to build precision missiles in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere. We will not let Iran acquire nuclear weapons. We are not light-minded about threats against us, but we do not shy away from them,” Netanyahu said at the graduation ceremony of the Israeli Air Force Flight Academy.

“Our policy is clear and consistent: whoever tries to harm us will receive a crushing blow. In the face of danger, the Air Force is ready to act decisively – at any distance, in any arena, and on any target,” he said.

In mid-December, the IDF claimed responsibility for numerous attacks throughout 2020, claiming they aimed at┬áreducing Iran’s entrenchment in Syria. Iran however has denied these allegations, claiming that only its military advisers are sent to the region.