Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu congratulated the Shin Bet for helping to arrest Dvir Sorek’s killers.

“I thank you for your contribution to apprehending the murderers of Dvir Sorek. As soon as we learned the details, I said with great confidence that it would not take much time until we would lay our hands on the murderer. This is what you have done in recent years; all murderers, without exception, have been apprehended. In every case in which vicious murderers have cut down innocent Israeli lives, it has not taken much time for us to find them,” said Netanyahu

You caught Dvir’s murderer within 48 hours. We mapped the terrorists’ homes and will demolish them soon. You work night and day for the well-being of our citizens. In the past year, you thwarted over 600 terrorist attacks. This was a counter-terrorist action of immense scope. We are doing everything to cut off terrorism at its outset,” he added.

This past weekend, the Israeli army arrested four Palestinians, including a woman, in the Beit Kahil village near Hebron as part of the search for the murderers of Dvir Sorek.

According to local Israeli media, two of the suspects belonged to Hamas, and are named Nazir Saleh Khalil Atafra, 24, and Qasem Araf Khalil Atafra, 30.

Dvir was kidnapped and stabbed to death last Wednesday night, while on his was on his way back to his yeshiva. The lifeless body of the young soldier was found at the edge of a road at the entrance to the kibbutz of Migdal Oz last Thursday.

Dvir Sorek’s funeral took place last Thursday in the Jewish settlement of Ofra, about 50 kilometers north of the place where his body was discovered at dawn.