The British Prime Minister also addressed the latest incidents on the Israel-Gaza border, voicing concern over ‘the loss of Palestinian lives.’

Watch: Netanyahu and May meet

Israel and the UK can “find ways to work together” on tackling the Iranian threat, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday.

“Today I wish to focus on two goals that we share,” Netanyahu told May. “The first is how to make sure that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, and the second is how to roll back Iran’s aggression in the region, and specifically in Syria.”

May stressed that the UK continues to believe the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is “the best route to preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” but acknowledged that Iran’s “destabilizing regional activity” needed to be addressed.

She then voiced her concern over the deadly clashes that recently took place along the Israel-Gaza border. “The UK absolutely recognizes the right that Israel has for self-defense against the activities of extremists and terrorists,” she said, “but with 100 Palestinian lives lost and the deteriorating situation in Gaza, I hope we can talk about how we can alleviate that situation.”

Netanyahu replied that the problems in Gaza are “rooted in the fundamental goal of Hamas to destroy Israel,” adding that protesters are being “paid and pushed by Hamas to try to break into Israel’s defenses and kill as many Israelis as they can.”