The Prime Minister and Pope Francis met behind closed doors in Italy. Netanyahu gave the Pope a book by his historian father and spoke to him about the Iranian threat

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Prime Minister Netanyahu met today (Monday) with Pope Francis during his visit to Rome. During the meeting between the two Netanyahu reiterated the need to object to the nuclear agreement with Iran.

The Pope and the Israeli Prime Minister met behind closed doors and spoke for 25 minutes. The two discussed the peace talks, the international talks with Iran and the Holy Father’s expected visit to the Holy Land in 2014.

According to estimations, the Pope’s expected visit to Israel will take place at the end of May, before the end of President Peres’, who invited the Holy Father, term in office.  

The Prime Minister gave the Pope a book, “The Origins of the Inquisition in Fifteenth-Century Spain”, by his late father historian Benzion Netanyahu. The dedication in the book said: “To Pope Francis, Great Shepherd of our common heritage”. Later today Netanyahu will meet with Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta.

Netanyahu and the Pope, today

Netanyahu and the Pope, today Photography: Reuters

“Netanyahu: it is easy to be silent, but I am committed to safety of my people”

Last Night, during the fifth candle lighting ceremony at the main synagogue in Rome, Netanyahu said that “it is very easy to be silent, receive pats on the back from the international community and bow my head, but I am committed to the safety of my people”. Netanyahu spoke a short time after former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert heavily criticized Netanyahu’s policy.

“As you know” Netanyahu began, “as the Prime Minister of Israel, I warn again and again against the dangers involving the Iranian nuclear program. As opposed to others, when I see that the vital interests for the security of the Israeli people are being endangered – I will not be silent. We have a loud and clear voice among the nations and we will make it heard and warn on time against the danger”. In addressing the possibility of employing a military option against the Islamic Republic, Netanyahu said: “we will work against the threat with time, if necessary”.