Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at the Cabinet meeting about the recent escalation of violence in the south of the country after more than a hundred fires were caused last week by incendiary balloons launched from Gaza: “We understand the distress of the communities in the Gaza envelope area and we are working to make things as easy as possible,”

“Last week we imposed heavy sanctions on Hamas including stopping the fuel supply. If necessary, we will act with other, much heavier means. These actions are carried out in consultation with all the security forces,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also made it clear that he would do anything it takes to protect Israel, even if it meant going to war.

“Many of them give us advice that they themselves would not implement if they were in government. Let us not be confused, they would be the first to criticize us if we go to a large-scale military operation, something that we may have to do, which is why I am guided by only one thing – the security of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said.