Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered his political rival, of former General Benny Gantz, to sit down with him in order to discuss forming a unified government together.

“During the elections, I called for the establishment of a right-wing government. Unfortunately, the election results show that this is not possible. The people did not decide between the two blocks. Therefore, there is no choice but to form a union government, as wide as possible, ” the Israeli prime minister said in a video message.

Two days after the legislative elections, the still provisional results credit Netanyahu’s Likud party for 31 seats out of 120 in the Knesset, and 33 for Gantz’s Blue and White party.

Even with the smaller right wing parties siding with Netanyahu and the smaller left wing parties siding with Gantz, neither will have enough to form their own coalition that reaches a majority threshold in the 120 seat Knesset.

“Benny, we need to put in place the widest possible unity government today. The people expect us to take our responsibilities and act in cooperation, “Netanyahu added. “That’s why I’m calling you Benny. Let us meet today, at any time, to advance this process, which is more relevant than ever. We do not have the right to go to a third election, I am against.”

These statements are a massive change of tone for Netanyahu.

On Wednesday evening, he claimed that the country had only two choices: ”either a right-wing government led by him or a dangerous government based on the Arab parties,” an indirect attack on Gantz who had promised to open discussions with Arab parties in the hope of reaching a coalition.