A few days before the opening of the conference in France, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that the decisions reached there “is not binding on us. It pushes peace backwards.”


Netanyahu Photo Credit: Flash 90/Israel Salem

Next week is the Paris Peace Conference. Today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed this conference and stated: “This is a conference that is a fraud, a Palestinian fraud sponsored by the French, which aims to lead to the adoption of additional anti-Israel positions.”

During his meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende, the Israeli Prime Minister stated that “we are facing great challenges here by terrorist forces who not only won’t concede on the annihilation of Israel but also ask to annihilate the chances for peace. These additional efforts are destroying the chances for peace and one of them is the Paris Conference.”

Regarding the French Initiative, Netanyahu stated: “This takes peace backwards and it is not binding on us. This is a remnant of the past. This is a last ditch effort to hold onto the past before the future will come.”

The Norwegian Foreign Minister responded: “It is good to be here again. I would like to express our sincere condolences regarding the terror attack that occurred on Sunday.” Regarding the Paris Conference, he stated: “I look forward to our discussions. We will be there but we promise a balanced result and I look forward to discussing the future peace process with you.”