Channel 2 News learned Wednesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Yesha Council leaders that they will receive 800 million NIS over the course of three years for the construction of West Bank infrastructure. The settlement leaders welcomed Netanyahu’s decision.

West Bank settlement

West Bank settlement Photo credit: Moshe Millner/ GPO/ Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this afternoon (Wednesday) with Yesha Council leaders Avi Roe and Ze’ev Hever. During the meeting, Netanyahu informed them that a three-year budget of 800 million NIS has been set aside for West Bank infrastructure. The plan includes the construction of roads bypassing Palestinian towns, the installation of antennas in poor cell-reception areas and the improvement of existing infrastructure. The work will begin in 2018.

About 260 million NIS will be provided next year and the rest of the funds will be provided over the two following years. Roe welcomed the news about the budget: “This is a significant and strategic message for all of the populations living in Judea, Samaria and the Jorden Valley. After a long period of intensive work with various representatives from government ministries, the prime minister, along with the settlement enterprise, is leading an appropriate response to the gap of many decades in transportation and infrastructure. We are pleased to see that the prime minister understands the budgetary discrimination that was created and is working to correct it.”