After 30 mortal shells were fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli security establishment is now planning its response.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at an event today

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at an event today Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/ TPS

Three barrages of mortars, a total of 30 mortar shells, were fired at Israel from Gaza this morning (Tuesday). As reported earlier by JOL, Rocket sirens went off in several locations and the Iron Dome system intercepted most of the projectiles.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has responded to the attacks from Gaza this morning, saying that “Israel considers the attacks against us by Islamic Jihad and Hamas as grave.”

“The IDF will respond will great force to these attacks- Israel will exact a heavy price on those who try to harm it and we hold Hamas responsible,” Netanyahu said at an event in the Galilee.

A mortar shell lands in Israel

A mortar shell lands in Israel Photo credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Netanyahu reportedly met with intelligence and government officials at the Prime Minister’s Office in an emergency meeting to assess the situation, while Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman convened with the heads of the security establishment at the Kirya military and intelligence hub in Tel Aviv.

Though neither Hamas nor the Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attacks, the spokesperson for the PIJ, Daoud Shihab, addressed what he called the “welcome response from the resistance.” 

“The blood of our people isn’t cheap enough for the terrorists to spill without being deterred,” Shihad said. “The honor of our people is the most precious thing we have.”

The Israeli security establishment must now decide how it wishes to respond to the attacks. They believe that the PIJ fired the salvo towards Israel in response to the elimination of three of its members by the IDF on Sunday. However, Hamas is the ruling power in the Gaza Strip and should therefore be held accountable. The IDF did attack a Hamas post in retaliation shortly after the barrage reached Israel, but a more significant response is imminent.