Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is trying to promote a plan to build 6,000  new housing units for Israelis in Area C of the West Bank, an area under Israeli administrative and security control, as well as 700 homes for Palestinians in this same area.

The project was discussed Sunday and Monday at two meetings of the security cabinet, but for now, no resolution has been adopted and several ministers have expressed reservations about the 700 units.

In the past four years, the cabinet has not approved any major construction for Palestinians. However when it comes to housing units for Israelis in Area C, the opposite has been true, where 3,103 Israeli homes had been approved in 2017, and another 3,155 were approved in 2018.

In October 2016, the cabinet initially adopted a comprehensive plan to build 5,100 housing units for Palestinians east and north of Qalqilya, in the Area C region, near Highway 6. The project included the construction of factories, commercial areas, sports fields, a zoo, public buildings, and residential neighborhoods.

This plan caused an uproar among the right-wing parties and was finally abandoned in July 2017.

In the past two years, the Israeli authorities have also demolished nearly 400 Palestinian homes for legal or security reasons.

It is believed that the cabinet meetings this week are aimed to show goodwill to the son-in-law of the  US President, Jared Kushner, who is expected to visit the Jewish State in a few days.