In a series of talks on Wednesday, the leaders of Israel and Russia discussed Iran’s threat on Israel’s northern border and attended Victory Day celebrations.

Netanyahu and Putin meet in Moscow

Netanyahu and Putin meet in Moscow Photo credit: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday told Russian President Vladimir Putin Israel will do “whatever it takes” to protect itself from Iran’s military presence in Syria.

In a statement, Netanyahu said his multiple talks with Putin were “both direct and honest.” “I presented our views regarding Iran’s secret nuclear archive and the current tensions in the north,” he said. “I stressed Israel’s right and obligation to protect itself from Iranian aggression from Syrian territory.”

The meeting between the two leaders was held on Victory Day, which marks the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. “We Israelis never forget the immense sacrifice of the Russian people and the Red Army in its victory over the Nazis,” Netanyahu told Putin during a joint press briefing.

Netanyahu and Putin both attended Victory Day celebrations at Moscow’s Red Square, during which Russia showcased its military might. They also participated in a wreath-laying ceremony for World War II fatalities, at the end of which the national anthems of both countries were played.

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