The Prime Minister had posted a condemnation to Facebook, in which he also suggested that the media was not quick to condemn the alleged rape.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday he should not have commented on a suspected rape of an Israeli woman by Palestinians, which was exposed earlier this week, because the investigation has not been completed yet.

“The case, as it was reported, triggered deep feelings of pain and devastation in me,” Netanyahu stated. “That being said, it was not right of me to address the issue before the investigation is finished and I am sorry about that.”

Netanyahu was referring to the condemnation he had posted on his Facebook page following the report that two Palestinians had been arrested for allegedly raping a mentally-disabled Israeli woman, apparently a nationalistically-motivated crime.

The main criticism of Netanyahu’s post, however, wasn’t that it came too early but that it contained inciting content by suggesting that the media and left-wing politicians were not voicing their condemnation, which they would have done, according to Netanyahu, if “the situation were the other way around” – meaning had a Palestinian woman been raped by Israelis.

In addition, Zionist Union MK Shelly Yachimovich said Netanyahu had never before voiced any criticism of rape cases and accused him of using this case for political gain.