Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the petition asking him to reveal his conversation with billionaire Sheldon Adelson and former editor-in-chief of Israel Hayom newspaper Amos Regev.

Spoke hundreds of times

Spoke hundreds of times Photo credit: Flash 90/ Reuters/ Channel 2 News

This evening (Thursday), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the petition asking to reveal his conversations with former Israel Hayom newspaper editor-in-chief Amos Regev and owner Sheldon Adelson. According to Netanyahu, he spoke with Adelson 100 times in the past 3 years and 200 times with Regev.

Netanyahu claimed that all politicians speak with journalists and publishers. “There is a constant and ongoing dialogue between the politicians and the media,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “This is accepted in democracy.” To prove his point, the prime minister posted a video of the Zionist Camp’s Spokesperson speaking with the editor of Ynet only hours before the last election.

“Of course, I spend the majority of my time managing the country’s affairs,” he added. “But from time to time, usually during the night after I finish my work, I speak to media too. I present to them the great work that we are doing for Israel and its citizens and offer them to publish the stories.”