In light of recent reports by the Israel Police and State Prosecutors regarding significant developments in the two corruption cases against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that are under investigation, Netanyahu responded in a video posted to his Facebook page today (Friday).

Watch Below: Netanyahu responds to developments in cases against him

Photo: Yoav Ari Dudkevitch, Flash90/Channel 2 News | Can’t see video? – Click Here

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video on his Facebook page in which he responded to this week’s latest developments in the corruption cases related to him and his close associates. “Regarding this week’s story, I do not pay any attention to background noise. I continue my work for you,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu’s comments come in light of recent reports from the Israel Police detailing the actual offenses the prime minister is suspected of committing in the Netanyahu Gift’s Affair and the Netanyahu-Mozes Affair.

Ari Harow and Netanyahu

Ari Harow and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Miriam Alster, Flash90/Channel 2 News

In addition, another worrisome turning point for Netanyahu is likely today’s reports that his former chief of staff Ari Harow signed a deal with state prosecutors agreeing to become a state’s witness in their cases against Netanyahu, in exchange for a lighter sentence on a separate case brought against Harow on charges of fraud and breach of trust.