In a recorded statement published on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the ongoing investigations in the corruption cases against him. “The developments in the last two days are just chaos. A scandal,” declared Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday responded to the ongoing corruption probes against himself and his close associates. The prime minister repeated his stance concerning the investigations and claimed they were empty and part of a continuous campaign against him.

“The developments in the last two days are just chaos. A scandal,” said Netanyahu. “Two bizarre, fraudulent claims are brought up as part of the campaign against myself and my family that has been ongoing for years.”

Netanyahu addressed the two recent allegations against him in his statement. Speaking about the Bezeq Case, the prime minister emphasized that since all developments within the company are done in a transparent matter, the claim that he made deals that financially benefitted the telecommunications company was “baseless.”

“First of all, about Bezeq – all decisions made within Bezeq are agreed upon by professional committees that are closely monitored by juridical supervision,” Netanyahu said. “There is no wild west, these are not private decisions.”

In addition, Netanyahu further dismissed the allegations concerning his close advisor Nir Hefetz, calling them “bizarre” and “mean-spirited.” Netanyahu concluded his statement by saying that he will continue to govern the State of Israel “with responsibility, level-headedness and a lot of dedication.”

As reported earlier today by JOL, Shlomo Filber, a close confidant of Israeli Prime Minister of Benjamin Netanyahu and suspended Communications Ministry Director-General, signed a State’s Witness deal on Tuesda. Filber’s testimony is reportedly expected to provide incriminating information about Netanyahu, who will be questioned under caution by the case investigators.