As the cases against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appear to strengthen, Palestinian officials appear to be hopeful that the investigations will be his end. After calling the police investigations “background noise” this weekend, Netanyahu responds to the Palestinians, saying it “won’t happen.”

Photo Credit: Yoav Ari Dudkevitch, Flash90/Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Monday evening the progress of the Israel Police’s investigations into the two corruption cases against him, saying that they won’t topple him. On his Facebook page, Netanyahu referred to an NRG report, according to which senior Palestinian officials expressed hope that these investigations would bring Netanyahu down. The prime minister wrote in response: “Won’t happen” after calling the investigations “background noise” this past weekend.

The prime minister’s close associates are also trying to convey confidence and in conversations with them, claim that they are not under any pressure. According to them, state witness Ari Harow has no recordings or documents to back up his testimony to the police. The sources added that the attorney general must have very well-founded evidence in order to indict a prime minister that must be based on a lot more than any other ordinary case would require. They claim, that Mandelblit has no such evidence at the moment.

In recent days, right-wing ministers and Knesset members have sided with and backed Netanyahu. As reported earlier by JOL, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett stated that “the prime minister is innocent until proven otherwise, and I hope this probe ends without an indictment.”

Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan also called for supporting the prime minister despite the “political and media’s attacks” against him.  “The statements that the prime minister is guilty unless proven otherwise are false statements that have no place in a democratic country,” Erdan said. “Although the left-wing parties have been losing in the polls for many years now, they have to understand that there is no way to sidestep the voter’s will by applying inappropriate pressure. We must all rely on the attorney general and the law enforcement authorities who do their work faithfully.”