Speaking at Israel’s Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clarified that in every generation, Israel will continue to combat those who threaten its existence. “Do not test Israel’s resolve,” the prime minister warned Iran.

Netanyahu speaking at the ceremony

Netanyahu speaking at the ceremony Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot/Yad Vashem

Israel marked its national Holocaust Remembrance Day in a ceremony at the Yad Vashem memorial on Wednesday evening. Speaking at the event, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message to Iran and warned the regime in Tehran not to test Israel’s resolve.

“The events occurring in recent days teach us that standing against evil and aggression is the mission of every generation,” Netanyahu said. “Our policy can be summarized in three words, determination against aggression.”

“We are preventing Iranian activity in Syria, these are not just words,” Netanyahu said, stressing that Israel would remain determined in its defense and deterrence against those who threaten its existence. “I also have a message to the Iranian people,” the prime minister continued. “When the Iranian regime disappears, our ancient nations will be able to live together again.”

Netanyahu’s speech followed the recent statements of an Iranian official, who said on Monday that Tehran will respond to the recent airstrike on a Syrian base, referring to it as the “Israeli crime. “It’s best for our enemies that they not test our defense capabilities because every mistake in their calculations will be met with a painful response,” said the official, Brigadier General Amir Hatami.