Following Lavrov’s statement, the Israeli PM asserted that there is no place for Iran’s military forces in Syria.

Israeli PM Netanyahu with Russian President Putin

Israeli PM Netanyahu with Russian President Putin Photo Credit: The Kremlin: Office of the President

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today (Monday) that Assad’s regime alone should be allowed at the southern border of Israel, and not Iran. Netanyahu’s statement, delivered at the opening of the Likud’s session in the Knesset, echoes recent statements made by Russia’s Foreign Minister’s Sergey Lavrov, who said that Syria alone should be allowed to have military forces at its border with Israel.

Netanyahu said that this view is shared by other countries in the Middle East and outside of the Middle East.

The Israeli prime minister is scheduled to meet with European leaders next week and said that he intends to discuss Iran’s nuclear power and find ways to block its “nuclear aspirations” and “Iran’s spreading in the Middle East.” Netanyahu stated that he intends to present Israel’s key concerns to the leaders of France, Britain and Germany, explaining that “we already have the experience – there have been years in which we stood alone against these threats and the situation has changed for the better.”

Earlier, Russia’s foreign minister said in a surprising statement that the Assad regime alone should be present at the border with Israel, stating that “a situation where only Syria’s military forces will be placed at the Syrian side of the border with Israel – that should be the result of the process.”

Lavrov also stated that non-Syrian military force should not be present at the border.

The Russian minister’s statements are seen as significant against the backdrop of the several discussions that have been taking place between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the Israeli prime minister recently.