Netanyahu is preparing for his crucial meeting with Trump, where he is expected to suggest that the Iranian nuclear deal be nullified or at least have significant changes applied.

Trump and Netanyahu

Trump and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in New York this weekend, has quite a busy week ahead of him. On Monday, Netanyahu will meet with US President Trump and attend several other diplomatic meetings and on Tuesday, he will speak before the UN General Assembly. The major subject of Netanyahu’s visit is the Iranian threat, as Israeli media reported that he will present Trump with a concrete proposition to nullify the Iranian nuclear deal or at least have significant changes applied to the agreement.

Netanyahu is not planning to simply warn of the dangers, but rather present a program that will prevent Iran from turning into a nuclear power. He will also address this issue during his UN speech, which he has been working on feverishly.

After many years of tensions during meetings with US presidents, Netanyahu will have somewhat of a home court advantage with a supportive Trump and an administration that sees eye to eye on most issues.