The Netanyahus
The Netanyahus

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that he had filed another complaint with the police due to threats on social media addressed to him and members of his family.

“This morning, I filed another complaint with the police for incitement to murder me and my family. Recently, this incitement with an explicit call to kill me and members of my family has crossed a red line,” Netanyahu wrote on Twitter, attaching screenshots of posts with the threats published on social media platforms.

The prime minister added that he was looking forward to a determined response from the police to bring those accountable to justice.

This is not the first time Netanyahu has turned to the police over death threats.

In late May, Netanyahu had filed a complaint with the police over a series of threats against him and his family. According to local news outlets, the police detained a 39-year-old man, who lives in Tel Aviv, suspected of inciting violence against the prime minister.