With Passover just right around the corner, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Israelis not to visit family over Passover.

“I ask you to avoid family visits on the eve of the holiday,” Netanyahu said. “The goal is to not meet people who have been elsewhere because this is how the disease is spreading.”

He also urged Muslims who observe Ramadan and Christians who observe Easter to abide by the same directive.

A Health Ministry official also expresses concern that the number of coronavirus cases will jump significantly as it did after Purim.

“There is a sharp rise in the number of cases,” said Health Ministry Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov on Wednesday. “Today, we are paying the price of Purim’s events, and we’re concerned that Passover will bring more significant events.”

“We are very concerned that if people increase their interactions prior to the holiday of Passover, the number of people infected will be high. We call on the public to keep to the guidelines,” he added.