According to an Israeli source,, Netanyahu’s anticipated speech to be delivered at the United Nations next week will warn against the west participating in hasty agreements with Iran and will stress that Iran “is trying to ease the sanctions and buy additional time for her nuclear program.”

After his historic speech, Iran is once again at the center of Netanyahu’s attention

After his historic speech, Iran is once again at the center of Netanyahu’s attention Photo Credit: AP

A year after Netanyahu’s historic speech at the United Nations, the Prime Minister is expected to return and warn the world of Iran’s nuclear ambitions in a speech at the UN General Assembly next week.  The New York Times reported that in his upcoming speech, Netanyahu will claim that the peace façade is an Iranian governmental show and clarified that “a situation without an agreement is better than having a horrible agreement.”

 The Israeli source involved in writing the Prime Minister’s speech told the American newspaper about his expected speech at the UN General Assembly.  According to the source, Netanyahu will claim that Iran places the west in a trap, similar to North Korea eight years earlier.  Jerusalem is worried about the renewal of diplomatic contacts with Iran and therefore Netanyahu expects to publicly state the acceptable conditions for an international agreement regarding an Iranian nuclear program. 

 According to the report, Netanyahu expects to demand a halt to the enrichment of uranium, for the removal of enriched uranium from Iranian soil, the dismantling of the nuclear facility in Qom, the dissolution of the centrifuge facility in Natanz, and for halting the construction of the nuclear reactor in Barak.  “Netanyahu feels morally obliged to express his public position,” the source said.

Netanyahu warns against Rouhani’s peace façade

Netanyahu warns against Rouhani’s peace façade Photo Credit: AP, Reuters

“Iran tries to buy time”

 “A horrible agreement is a worse scenario than the absence of an agreement,” said the anonymous Israeli source that shared the written speech.  According to Netanyahu, “It is forbidden to permit Iran to repeat the North Korean plot that led to them obtaining nuclear weapons.  Exactly as North Korea before them, Iran demonstrates alleged peaceful intentions and speaks of demilitarization, in order to ease sanctions and buy additional time for the nuclear program.” 

 The Prime Minister summarized in his speech the talks with North Korea in 2005, when the Pyongyang government announced its intention to abandon nuclear weapons, in exchange for economic and security assistance.  However, a year after that, North Korea started experiments at her first nuclear weapons facility and Netanyahu is expected to warn that history can repeat itself, if a hasty business deal is signed with Iran. 

 The UN General Assembly convenes today and this week US President Obama as well as Iranian President Rouhani will give a speech.  Iran’s president expressed willingness to negotiate with the west, while the Obama administration articulated cautious interest in Iranian proposals to end the dispute between the two countries.  The Iranian and American leadership exchanged letters on the Iranian nuclear issue and it appears that there has been rapprochement since the election of Rouhani.