The United States has stopped spoiling the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Tuesday. Netanyahu was responding to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ criticism of Washington and its ambassador to Israel.


Abbas Photo Credit: Flash 90

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented Tuesday on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks about the United States and its envoy to Israel.

In his remarks before this week’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu slammed Abbas’ statements as outrageous and anti-American. “Something is happening here that has not happened in decades, maybe hasn’t ever happened since the founding of the Palestinian Authority,” Netanyahu said. “The American government has stopped spoiling the Palestinians. It’s demanding from them basic things that should have been demanded this entire time: the recognition of the State of Israel’s right to exist, [the recognition of] the State of Israel as the national state of the Jewish people [and] the end of supporting terrorism.”

“The Palestinians are shocked, just like a spoiled child who has been spoiled for years and then, all of a sudden, they tell him: ‘No, that’s enough,’” Netanyahu continued. “They are shocked and because they are in shock, they’re losing their temper and the truth is coming to light: they aren’t interested in negotiations and they’re refusing to achieve peace.”

Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s Special Representative for International Negotiations, also slammed Abbas for calling American envoy to Israel David Friedman a “son of a dog” in a speech yesterday. “The time has come for President Abbas to choose between hateful rhetoric and concrete and practical efforts to improve the quality of life of his people and lead them to peace and prosperity,” Greenblatt said.