The leader of the Zionist Union is not rejecting the potential for his party to join Netanyahu’s government if Israel’s Prime Minister decides to extract HaBayit HaYehudi from the coalition.

From right to left: Bennett and Herzog

From right to left: Bennett and Herzog Channel 2 News

 This morning (Saturday), the leader of the Zionist Union, Isaac “Bougie” Herzog, referred to discussions about his party joining the coalition, saying that there is still a chance for it to happen. “If Netanyahu extracts HaBayit HaYehudi from the coalition, we will convene as a party and will take things into consideration,” said Herzog at Shabbat Tarbut in Modi’in.

“Netanyahu decided to go with extremists,” Herzog declared. “I don’t see a scenario where he parts from them. I am the leader of a strong ideological group. If he parts from the extreme right, we will convene and decide. I am the leader of the group, but I’m not a dictator. This is not a party of a leader with scarecrows.”

The head of the opposition, who attempted to formulate political measures in negotiations with Netanyahu in return for having the Labor Party enter the government, said that he is worried with the frozen peace process. “The fact that the State of Israel’s history is rife with missing opportunities employs me,” he emphasized. “The Arab neighbor nations’ public also says that they don’t believe in Netanyahu.”