US President Trump has often been on the record saying that he wants to take a different path than his predecessors for resolving the decades-long Israel-Palestinian crisis.

Although the political component of the Trump Plan has not yet been released to the general public, some aspects have been leaking out, including the intention to link the Gaza Strip to the West Bank

Reportedly, before the Bahrain summit, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was briefed in general aspects about the political aspect of the plan. The PM then spoke with two senior US officials and expressed his reservations about building a bridge between the two Palestinian territories. He explained that such a passage would be a high-risk move that would be used for terrorist purposes.

Netanyahu is interested in keeping separate the territory controlled by Hamas and that controlled in part by the Palestinian Authority while the United States consider these two territories as a single entity.

According to the Middle East Monitor, the US will meet out severe repercussions if either the Palestinian Authority, Hamas or Israel don’t accept the peace deal.

The report says that if the Palestinian Authority refuses the deal, the US will not only pull back their financial support to them but will also pressure other countries to do the same.

If Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas signs the deal but not Hamas than the US will fully back Israel in a war on the Gaza Strip.

If Israel refuses the deal, the US would cut off any financial support to the Jewish State.