Benjamin Netanyahu’s close associates are stressing that even though the German government delayed the signing of the submarine agreement and a main suspect may become a state witness, the Israeli prime minister is not a suspect in the case.

The Netanyahus in Hungary

The Netanyahus in Hungary Photo Credit: Haim Tzah (Government Press Office)/Channel 2 News

A dramatic development in the Submarine Affair took place when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Hungary for an official visit. Netanyahu’s close associates are belittling the development and stressing that the Israeli Attorney General’s statements about Netanyahu not being a suspect in the case still apply. According to them, the development even proves that Netanyahu is not connected to the affair.

The Israeli prime minister’s associates also stated that the fact that even now, after it was reported that Miki Ganor may become a state witness, it was clarified that Netanyahu is not a suspect. They also said that the fact that Netanyahu’s personal lawyer David Shimron received permission to travel abroad backs up their claims.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the investigation in Israel is impacting decisions overseas. The German government, which was supposed to fund part of the deal, postponed the signing due to the corruption allegations, according to Yedioth Ahronoth. The signing was supposed to take place next week in the presence of Israel’s ambassador to Germany but has been delayed until further notice.

According to the report, the postponement will most likely lead to the cancellation of the agreement between the two countries. Fearing this possible outcome, Israeli Defense Ministry Director General Udi Adam will fly to Germany today, where he will meet with his German counterpart in an attempt to promote the memorandum of understanding.