Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff Gil Sheffer is the suspect being investigated for sexually assaulting and harming a woman. Sheffer’s lawyer claimed that the allegations against his client are baseless.


Sheffer Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication that the former senior level official close to Netanyahu who was arrested and released on house arrest on suspicion of committing sexual assault is Gil Sheffer, who was the Israeli Prime Minister’s former chief of staff. Sheffer, who is considered a close friend of the Netanyahu family, was questioned after a complaint was filed against him.

Yesterday evening, it was reported by JOL that a former close aide to Netanyahu is being investigated for sexual abuse and assault. The complaint was filed a month and a half ago against him. The complainant claims that Sheffer sexually assaulted her and even held her against her will.

In response to yesterday’s report, Sheffer’s attorney said that the allegations against his client are false.