After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu published the plan to raise the budget for the disabled, the organizations for the disabled continue to demonstrate in front of his residence.

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After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office published his plan to raise disability benefits, the organizations for the disabled continue to demonstrate today (Tuesday) in front of the prime minister’s official residence in Jerusalem.

“The purpose of the plan’s publication is to reduce the flames and to suppress the struggle of the disabled,” the organizations stated immediately following the publication of the plan. One of the protesters even threatened to light himself on fire and poured gasoline on himself. Border Policemen at the scene prevented him from going through with the threat.

Confrontations at the protest

Confrontations at the protest Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The plan’s central points are reaching an annual budget of 4 billion shekels for disability aid over the course of 4 years, indexation to the minimum wage, supporting job searches and increasing the monthly stipend to 4,000 shekels (1100 dollars) a month for the badly disabled already in January. In addition, the government will invest 100 million shekels (28.44 million dollars) a year to subsidize jobs for the disabled.

Hundreds at the protest

Hundreds at the protest Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The coalition of disabled organizations stated: “The solution that was presented leaves the disabled community in distress and those who collect bottles to pay for sugar and milk will continue to do so. The Prime Minister, his advisers and ministers didn’t even bother to speak with our coalition that is leading the struggle on the streets.”       

Doll on fire

Doll on fire Photo credit: Channel 2 News